The Harrogate Secret by Catherine Cookson…

Description: Young Frederick Musgrave was never more agile than when navigating his sculler across the waters of the Tyne between the busy seaports of North and South Shields in 1843. Already his services were in demand as a carrier of messages and certain small packages for those whose activities made them the target of the Customs and Excise men.

The story just grows and grows. Gothic sensationalism at its best.

4* The Dwelling Place
5* Tilly Trotter
4* The Glass Virgin
3* The Mallen Streak
4* The Black Velvet Gown
3* The Fifteen Streets
3* The Girl
5* The Rag Nymph
3* Katie Mulholland
3* The Cinder Path
2* The Mallen Girl
4* The Black Candle
4* The Wingless Bird
3* The Mallen Litter
3* The Gambling Man
4* Feathers in the Fire
3* Colour Blind
3* The Silent Lady
5* The Round Tower
3* The Branded Man
3* Pure as the Lily
5* The Harrogate Secret
4* The Maltese Angel
3* The Fen Tiger
TR Heritage of Folly

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