On the Waterfront: The Play by Budd Schulberg

Watch here

Description: Budd Schulberg s classic story of the New York waterfront and the kid who coulda been a contender is best known in its memorable movie version with Marlon Brando. But here, adapted for the stage by Mr. Schulberg and Stan Silverman, it remains a moving and powerful drama. This play script for On the Waterfront has been used in theatres large and small, throughout the country, to great success.

On the Waterfront aka Who Killed Joey Doyle is a hard, unsubtle tale of hard, unsubtle mobsters ruling the roost in New York’s harbours. Gangs versus the Law with some bare knuckle fighting as a backdrop. The essence of the tale is remarkably similar in message to a short story I read by Gorky in the wee hours of this morning: AT THE SALT MARSH.

Glad to have finally seen the oscar winning film. Baseline 3*

On the Waterfront
5* A Face in the Crowd


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