Finnish Legends for English Children

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Finnish Kota

From the Preface: THE following stories cover almost all of the songs of the Kalevala, the epic of the Finnish people. They will lead the English child into a new region in the fairy world, yet one where he will recognise many an old friend in a new form. The very fact that they do open up a new portion of the world of the marvellous, will, it is hoped, render them all the more acceptable, and perhaps, when the child who reads them grows up to manhood, will inspire an actual interest in the race that has composed them.

Father Mikko 1
The World’s Creation and the Birth of Wainamoinen 8
The Planting of the Trees 11
Wainamoinen and Youkahainen 15
Aino’s Fate 21
Wainamoinen’s Search for Aino 28
Wainamoinen’s Unlucky Journey 32
Wainamoinen’s Rescue 36
The Rainbow-Maiden 41
Ilmarinen Forges the Sampo 50
Lemminkainen and Kyllikki 59
Kyllikki’s Broken Vow 64p. x
Lemminkainen’s Second Wooing 69
Lemminkainen’s Death 73
Lemminkainen’s Restoration 77
Wainamoinen’s Boat-Building 86
Wainamoinen Finds the Lost Words 93
The Rival Suitors 99
Ilmarinen’s Wooing 106
The Brewing of Beer 111
Ilmarinen’s Wedding Feast 118
The Origin of the Serpent 124
The Unwelcome Guest 131
The Isle of Refuge 136
The Frost-Fiend 144
Kullervo’s Birth 151
Kullervo and Ilmarinen’s Wife 156
Kullervo’s Life and Death 160
Ilmarinen’s Bride of Gold 166
Ilmarinen’s Fruitless Wooing 170
Wainamoinen’s Expedition and the Birth of the Kantele (Harp) 173
The Capture of the Sampo 181
The Sampo is Lost in the Sea 186p. xi
The Birth of the Second Kantele 190
Louhi Attempts Revenge 194
Louhi Steals the Sun, the Moon, and Fire 199
The Restoration of the Sun and Moon 205
Mariatta and Wainamoinen’s Departure 210

Sleighing in Finland

‘So the animals held a council, and first the bear was proposed as messenger, but they were afraid he would eat the cattle. Next came the wolf, but they feared that he might eat the sheep. Then the fox was proposed, but then he might eat the chickens. So at length the hare was chosen to bear the sad tidings, and he promised to perform his office faithfully.’


‘THE fair Rainbow-maiden, Louhi’s daughter, sat upon a rainbow in the heavens, and was clad in the most splendid dress of gold and silver. She was busy weaving golden webs of wonderful beauty, using a shuttle of gold and a silver weaving-comb.


“Forging the Sampo” (musée national, Helsinki).jpg



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