Martha, Jack and Shanco by Caryl Lewis, Gwen Davies

Description: Bound together by blood ties, Martha, Jack, and Shanco live on a farm in Wales, where their lives unfold in the eerie half-presence of their dead parents.

Aberystwyth is the principal holiday resort and administrative centre of the west coast of Wales. The town is nestled between three hills and two beaches,

Opening: ‘Get a bloody move on then, or it’ll be light before we get there.’

‘C… c… I ca… ca… can’t see…’

‘Bring that light back here, Jack, for God’s sake, or we’ll all end up with our legs broken.’

Jack had struck out ahead, taking the torch with him bouncing along the hedgerow as he stumbled up the lane.

Up in the hills above and over from the seaside town a slice of life unfolds.

Beguiling, bleak and at times, bitter, this farmland tale is impossible to put down


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