Hamlet Had an Uncle: A Comedy of Honor


Read here Warning: this is an incomplete version

‘Hamlet Had an Uncle: A Comedy of Honor’ is a Shakespearean satire.

Saxo, sketching by the Danish-Norwegian illustrator Louis Moe (1857-1945)

I came to this book via the backdoor whilst reasearching the siege of Aalborg from this news article:

500-year-old skeletons unearthed in Denmark: Archaeologists from the Historical Museum of Northern Jutland (Nordjyllands Historiske Museum) believe that 15 skeletons unearthed during the construction of new youth housing likely date back to the 1534-1536 civil war known as the Count’s Feud, or Grevens Fejde in Danish. Read more

Saxo’s history was as wobbly in the accuracy stakes as say, Geoffrey of Monmouth, or Herodotus, however it was his history that gave Shakespeare his Hamlet, and by extension, Cabell’s satire.

As this is incomplete version I shall rate it as a skim through and try to find a full copy later.


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