The Elementary Sherlock Holmes by Portico

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Read on November 30, 2014

Portico. Pavilion Books.

Archive Date Dec 10 2014

Description: ‘To a great mind, nothing is little’ Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes has become such an iconic figure that he’s almost real. He’s on our TV screens, he’s in our films and, of course, the books are still as popular as ever. This fascinating little miscellany tells you everything you need to know about this enduringly popular figure, and lots of stuff you don’t! It contains the plots of all the novels, character descriptions, details of some of the plethora of Sherlock websites, and highlights the best films and TV adaptations. Entertaining and engrossing, The Elementary Sherlock Holmes will satisfy the curious and enlighten even the most dedicated Holmes fan.

As Holmes himself said, ‘Education never ends,’ so if your knowledge is anything less than comprehensive, I deduce that The Elementary Sherlock Holmes is precisely what you need.

Worried about future pub quizzes? You couldn’t do any better than learning your Sherlockian onions with this reference book and I shall be buying this as a stocking filler for a couple of young fans.

My only complaint is that this is too short at 111 pages.


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