Gooseberries by Anton Chekhov, Constance Garnett (Translation)

bookshelves: shortstory-shortstories-novellas, published-1898, autumn-2014, filthy-lucre, gardening

Recommended to ☯Bettie☯ by: Laura
Read from November 27 to 28, 2014

From The House with the Mezzanine and other Stories. Librivox recording; listen here (31 mins 51 secs) or read here

Opening: From early morning the sky had been overcast with clouds; the day was still, cool, and wearisome, as usual on grey, dull days when the clouds hang low over the fields and it looks like rain, which never comes. Ivan Ivanich, the veterinary surgeon, and Bourkin, the schoolmaster, were tired of walking and the fields seemed endless to them. Far ahead they could just see the windmills of the village of Mirousky, to the right stretched away to disappear behind the village a line of hills, and they knew that it was the bank of the river; meadows, green willows, farmhouses; and from one of the hills there could be seen a field as endless, telegraph-posts, and the train, looking from a distance like a crawling caterpillar, and in clear weather even the town. In the calm weather when all Nature seemed gentle and melancholy, Ivan Ivanich and Bourkin were filled with love for the fields and thought how grand and beautiful the country was.

Dreams of the allotment life, and money too, of course!

3* The Cossack
5* Selected Stories
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3* Gooseberries

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