Crowned Heads by Thomas Tryon

Full Film Here

Description: Thomas Tryon brings to breathtaking life the Golden Age of Hollywood and the great golden people who became the crowned heads of this kingdom of stars

FEDORA: Her enigma unriddled–the greatest, the most exquisite, the longest-reigning Hollywood star of them all. Now she has made an incredible comeback, her glorious face strangely untouched by time….

LORNA: She zoomed from high school cheerleader to sex goddess. Now after many men, many jobs, and much trouble, she has come to a remote Mexican resort to find herself….

BOBBITT: He was a star at ten. Now he’s in his thirties and as winsome as ever. But today the Bobbitt movies are forgotten. And Bobbitt himself–does he exist at all?

WILLIE: For decades a worldwide symbol of elegance and wit. Now he is alone in his showplace Hollywood villa–his precious “Bee” dead–mourning the past. Then suddenly, viciously, with a knock on the door, the future breaks in…

The premise lost credulity when the obsession was revealed as Michael York. Who in their right mind… LOL

The story somewhat relates to the other hat title: Trilby by du Maurier. A female entrapped in both novels.

Totally enjoyable for what it was, and I loved the Henry Fonda cameo

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