Sanctuary by Nicholas Hallum

Description: One neighborhood is lucky to be prepared when the world falls apart. A child narrates the story of how her neighbors found the strength to band together in unity against a self-destructive culture, and find the primeval instincts that might preserve the human race — becoming a bulwark of resistance to societal breakdown. The only problem is that the rest of the world may not see them as the survivors, but instead as predators themselves.

Opening: The neighborhood went dark at noon on a Thursday. The music in the air stopped. Mr. Renicker’s grown-up daughter Shanna had a stereo playing punk rock from her second story bedroom on that sunny August day, and the sound just stopped dead, as if it had been bitten off.

“You know what?” he gave me his trying-to-be-crazy smile. “We’ll make hot dogs – outside!”

Very short story, just right for a torch-under-the-chin-in-the-dark Hallowe’en reading evening. Source

As Nicholas Hallum:
2.5* Sanctuary

As Ned Hayes:
4* Sinful Folk

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