We Are Watching Something Terrible Happening by Lavinia Greenlaw

bookshelves: autumn-2014, published-2013, radio-4, shortstory-shortstories-novellas, sciences

Read on September 26, 2014


Description: Claire Skinner reads the fifth story in contention for this prestigious award. Love and science collide in this haunting story about the chaos of a disintegrating relationship, a civil war and the trajectory of meteorites.
Written by Lavinia Greenlaw
Produced by Elizabeth Allard.


2.5* Bad Dreams by Tessa Hadley
3* The American Lover by Rose Tremain
3.5* The Taxidermist’s Daughter by Francesca Rhydderch
4* Miss Adele amidst the Corsets by Zadie Smith
3.5* Kilifi Creek by Lionel Shriver


2* Preposition by Lionel Shriver
3* Barmouth by Lisa Blower
4* Mrs Fox by Sarah Hall
3* Notes From the House Spirits by Lucy Wood
3* We Are Watching Something Terrible Happening by Lavinia Greenlaw

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