The Quincunx case by William Dent Pitman

bookshelves: published-1904, summer-2014, canada, books-about-books-and-book-shops, mystery-thriller, public-domain, adventure, families, filthy-lucre, nutty-nuut

Recommended to ☯Bettie☯ by: Wanda
Read from January 25 to July 29, 2014

Description: Determined to win the respect of his industrialist uncle and thereby the hand of his cousin, penniless writer Philip Adrian sets himself to unraveling the mystery of the chemist Joseph Balsamo, employed by his uncle but killed before he could deliver the formula of his life’s work. Piecing together clues from scraps of Balsomo’s journal which feature a mysterious five-dot figure (the quincunx), Philip travels to Quebec, where he quickly falls into the clutches Balsamo’s companions, a group of smugglers who come to believe Philip knows far more about their operations than is good for him.

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Opening: “My suggestion is”, she began, eyeing the heap of notes and silver before us on the table, “an automobile hansom to the Waldorf (we’ve a moment to stop on the way for a bunch of violets) and after dinner and hour or two at the theatre. Then another hansom to – anywhere – for supper…”

My, she has an appetite, this woman, and it is not surprising, given the circumstances. Enjoyable romp, great writing. Thanks for the heads-up Wanda. Three and a half Franklin Stoves.

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