The Vikings by Else Roesdahl

bookshelves: under-500-ratings, translation, published-1987, medieval5c-16c, nonfiction, paper-read, history, spring-2013

Read from May 06 to 09, 2013


Opening: The Viking Age is shot through with the spirit of adventure. For 300 years, from just before AD800 until well into the eleventh century, Scandinavians from the modern countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden played a decisive role in many parts of Europe.

the noun vik means ‘bay’ in English. So to go a-viking meant skulking in and out of bays (once the open sea voyage was over, natch)

It’s got to be done:

clickerty click on the kitty

Lots of facts not necessarily displayed to best advantage and the utilitarian style got the job done. Yet where was the zest?

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